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Lucia Bartels

Vice President

Tell us something about yourself.

I am a senior retiree, wife, mother of 3, grandmother of 10, and great grandmother of 4. My favorite hobbies are playing pickleball, reading, watching movies, and walking.

How did you start playing pickleball?

I was introduced to pickleball in 2015 at a public clinic held in Hanapepe. My husband Ray and I went out of curiosity.

What do you like most about pickleball?

I was instantly hooked by the simplicity, the fun, physical activity and the social camaraderie the game offers. I enjoy introducing the game to new players.

Why do you serve as Vice-President of PAK?

I want to see Kauai with permanent, dedicated pickleball courts. We definitely need those courts where people can play on their own schedule without depending on others sharing a portable net. PAK is a much needed means toward that end.

Lucia Bartels
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