President's Report - Sept. 2022
Nolan Ahn, PAK President


Let me make a confession.  I am not a patient person.  It is just not in my DNA to wait for stuff to happen.  If I have an appointment, I show up early, and get irritated if the other party is late.  When I play pickleball, I often try to go for a winner even if the ball is at my knees, with the ball usually ending up in the net.  I am the originator of PAK’s “dead” line (see what I did there?) for our alpha court completion as “In our lifetime”.  Perhaps I am this way because I appreciate the value of time as a limited resource.  Having reached my sunset years (74 in October) I treat every minute as a gift to be honored as if it were my last.  So, PAK had some setbacks this past month.  We discovered, researched, and lost an opportunity for obtaining four dedicated courts in Lihue.  Our eight-month quest for a lease on a site had a critical meeting delayed.  I was feeling low and shared my frustration with board member Laurie Yoshida.  Laurie, being wise beyond her years, said “Patience, grasshopper” (a la the old TV series Kung Fu).  I want everyone to know that our Board is a true working unit, and much of their work is serving as an accountability partner for my sometimes-brash impulses.  We had an extended discussion in our monthly Zoom board meeting about what course we should set considering our recent disappointments.


We were reminded that the mission of PAK to build our own courts is unique to other Hawaii pickleball organizations.  Most of the other groups are focused on lobbying governmental agencies to build more pickleball courts.  PAK has decided that we need to be more proactive in our approach, and that we can more efficiently build, operate, and maintain pickleball facilities on our own.  As far as we know, such a thing has never been done in Hawaii so we have no precedent to follow and must make our way through uncharted paths.   The board decided to “stay the course” and redouble our efforts going forward.

A consistent concern of ours as time goes by is whether we are providing value to the 272 members that have joined PAK since December 2021.  We recall asking people to support us in our mission, and that all we could offer initially was hope, and a promise to communicate our earnest efforts as best as we could.  We have built and maintained a world-class website, and we now average over 1,000 “hits” per month.  However, without a definite site to begin our definitive planning and capital campaign, we wonder how many members will renew their support after their year is up.  We are humbly asking all our members to keep the faith and stay with us as we get closer to achieving our goals.  In fact, if each one would reach one other pickler and get them to join PAK, we would be the largest pickleball organization in Hawaii.  Please help us help you.










Pickleball continues to grow on Kauai.  One of the most popular venues is at the Lihue Courts at Wilcox School.  The Lihue Pickleball Ohana group, led by PAK board member Lori Uyeda has a large group of regular players that play four times per week, despite the deplorable conditions of their four temporary courts.  On a recent night “celebrating” the last night of lighted play before the mandatory lights-out rule to protect our shearwater birdlife, more than 60 players crowded the courts for pickleball and camaraderie.  Lori will be looking into renting school facilities for night play.  This will be an introduction into the concept of paying to play to cover the costs associated.  PAK will be keeping watch over this process.  Many players on the mainland regularly pay $10 or more per hour to play pickleball, but we are interested to see how Lihue fares in this experiment.


At the end of August, PAK was requested to submit a proposal for a project to be funded by County grant monies.  We were able to quickly put together a request for funding to offer pickleball instruction for 32 fourth and fifth graders at Koloa School.  The school does not have a PE teacher, and much-needed physical and character-building activities were requested by their PTA to PAK.  Stay tuned for the status of this program.   Please keep the faith.  If you see any of our board members, please thank them for their many hours of dedication and perseverance to furthering the PAK mission.  Become a member.  Recruit a member.  And remember to have patience, grasshoppers.

Mahalo and Aloha,


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