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PAK Guidelines for Court Etiquette

Until we achieve our mission of managing dedicated pickleball courts, we can only suggest standards of conduct at the various current venues for play. We believe these are good guidelines no matter where you decide to play. Always be kind, considerate, friendly, helpful, polite, honest and fun-loving, and you won’t go wrong.

  1. We forgive other players’ shortcomings and hope they forgive ours.

  2. We welcome guests and new players with aloha and a smile.

  3. We are helpful to other players, offer occasional advice, and allow them to learn from their mistakes without undue input from us.

  4. We never berate other players or remind them of their faults (we have enough of our own).

  5. We call ins and outs as we see them, but when in doubt always favor the opposing team, with the hope they will do the same for you. Since all four players on a court see the lines from a different perspective, the player closest to the ball should make the call and the rest of us should respect that call. If that player wants input from his partner, he will ask for it. (Humorous grumbling and bad eyesight comments are allowed!) “When in doubt, it’s in.”

  6. We respect the order of play. If we are next up to play and choose to rest, we may allow the person behind us to take our place OR we may go to the end of the lineup. Respect the custom established at the place you play at.

  7. We allow our partner to play half the court. “Make friends, not points.”

  8. We do not purposefully hit another person with the ball, but accidents happen. If that should occur, we apologize profusely and know that we are bound to be the recipient of the next accident.

  9. We play with both newbies and old salts alike, without complaint. If you are less skilled, learn. If you are more skilled, teach (gently, as we were all newbies once).

  10. Watch your language and your attitude. Be a player that is welcomed, not avoided. Read the room. Have fun and be fun!

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