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Juliet Peters

Communications Chair

Tell us something about yourself.

I currently split my time between Kauai and California. I’m retired but take consulting gigs here and there but only if they are flexible enough to allow me to travel and play pickleball! My sister and I love playing pickleball tournaments all over the United States.

How did you start playing pickleball?

I had been an avid tennis player ever since I was in High School. Four years ago I injured my shoulder and needed shoulder surgery. During my recovery, I decided to try pickleball since it was easier on my shoulder than tennis…and I loved it! That was four years ago and now I’m an avid pickeball player and don’t play tennis anymore.

What do you like most about pickleball?

I like that I can show up at the pickleball courts without any pre-planning and get in as many games as I have time for. It’s a great workout and love that I’ve met so many new friends since playing the sport.

Why do you serve as Communications Director of PAK?

When I heard about the Pickleball Association Kauai group forming, I knew I had to be involved! We have so many passionate pickleball players on the island but the courts we play on aren’t the best. Everyone on the PAK Board is so passionate about the dream of building dedicated pickleball courts….I’m sure it will happen in our lifetimes!

Juliet Peters
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